Kimberley Kanu - Wife

Kimberley Kanu is the wife of Daniel Kanu. The pair married in 2004, and are still together to-date. Kimberley was born on 04th November 1966 to Lucia and Ben Smith, in Fairhope Alabama.

Destiny Kanu - Daughter

Destiny Kanu was born in 1992. She studied at several primary schools before completing High School at Mount Desert Island High School in Maine. Throughout her life she played a variety of sports, from Volleyball to Track and Field.

Danika Kanu

Danika Kanu was born in 1994. She began primary school in Abuja, Nigeria, and later transferred to Conners Emerson Junior High School. Danika moved on successfully to Mount Desert Island High School, where she participated in a variety of extra-curriculars.

Deandra Kanu - Daughter

Deandra Kanu was born in 1996. Deandra followed in the footsteps of her older sisters, excelling academically and socially throughout junior high and high school. In high school, she participated in a wide range of clubs, from Interact, to Hearing Committee.

Darcy Kanu - Daughter

Darcy Kanu was born in 1999. She attended junior high at Conners Emerson in Bar Harbor, Maine. After junior high, she studied for her Sophomore and Junior years at Mount Desert Island High School.

Sarah Kanu - Daughter

Sarah was born in 1999. She attended primary school at the International Community School in Abuja, Nigeria, where she consistently exceeded standards in her scholarly performance. It was during this period of her life that she developed a passion for art, specifically drawing.

Rachel Kanu - Daughter

Rachel was born in 2001. She, like her sister Sarah, attended primary school at the International Community School in Abuja. Always one for the dramatic arts, Rachel often participated in plays through the school, and organized small dramas to perform with her friends.

Beatrice Kanu

Beatrice Kanu was born in 2004. She is still attending Secondary School. She enjoys traveling, adventures and water sports. Her hobbies include photography and hiking. She loves animals and is passionate about taking care of them.

Daniel Kanu Jr. - Son

Daniel Kanu was born in 2012. He enjoys playing soccer, coloring and watching Little Einsteins. Daniel's favorite activity is pretending to be a superhero. When he grows up, he wants to be big and strong like his dad.